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Faces of Louisiana

Posted on by Juli Hundei

Faces of Louisiana

Thank you :

- Lady of the info center at New Orleans airport helped us to find the bus.

- Annie and Cody, our first couchsurfers, who have a magical house.

- The movie man who gave us good indication in order to rummage Adrian Brody

- Adrian Brody, embodies the star simplicity.

Faces of Louisiana

- Eva and other Annie's friends supported us in our quest for learning english

- Matthew who was our tour guide and our fellow in NOLA and help us don't loose our latin

- All the bus drivers of Louisiana ride us where we had to go.

Faces of Louisiana

- Josh, our second couchsurfer, that I will never forget, and to whom I wish a lot of fun, of travels and to find love.

- Brian, our multitasking local artist : musician, singer and comedian at times, he is primarily videographer and philosopher.

- Georges and his girlfriend who share with us the peace pipe in there pop house.

Faces of Louisiana

- Margerie, the french girl from Louisiana, who was our friend for few hours (so few) and made us discover the heart of Louisiana (or the Louisiana of heart).

- The Givers, famous music band from Lafayette, Margerie's friends, who share with us some nights.

- Trevis, the gouffa-man, I wish I had known longer, the one than everyone knews but maybe no more than I actually.

- Franck, Margerie's friend, ride us to the Lake Martin fight the alligators with our canoe.

Faces of Louisiana

- The Swamp Donkeys, jass band that kills you and whose drummer came into my dreams, flirting with me in english while I trying not to tell him how much he looked like Adrian Brody.

-Steven Lindsay, told us the adventures of a bear who want a beer in a bar, in Bâton Rouge Starbucks coffee.

Faces of Louisiana

- Maureen, who do so much for culture, for people and for the world, for so long time, and who I'd like to have as a second mum.

- Dancers friends of Maureen, guide us on the Blue Moon floor.

- Philippe, the Cajun guy who teach me Cajun dances, in french.

- Guys from National rent car, teach us how using an automatic car.

- Lady from Eunice Museum and women from the Eunice meeting club.

Faces of Louisiana

- Christian, our third couchsurfer, descendant of Acadie, host us in the purest Cajun tradition : gastronomic and musical.

- Franck the tank, his friend who bring us on his airboat on Louisiana's rivers

- and all those we forget here !

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