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From Alta to Copenhague

Posted on by Juli Hundei

First time with "no plan plan". Just for 3 days, in order to try if I can deal with the unknown which make us so scary. So my purpose is to be in Copenhague before the 21st to catch my plane on time.

So I took a plane ticket from Alta to Oslo, then I will have to go back to my hitchhiking period, and crossing three countries hoping to see the famous stone mermaid before jumping in the south of Europe.


Arrived in Oslo airport at 17h, I tried the end of the parking. 10 minutes and a very nice driver drove me to Oslo port, in the city center and told me to go to the opera roof to have a great view of the city. I just walked around the port, the opera and decided to continue my road to Göteborg before the night. I wanted to see a little bit of Sweden.

I took the metro and a bus to get to the south of the city, near a gaz station. The bus wheel exploded just 500m before the gaz station, so I finished by foot. It was fun to see everybody screaming in the middle of the highway, stressed to be late for their next meeting. I realized at this moment than I was very peaceful and happy to live experiences, even walking allong a highway.

I waited 30 minutes in the gaz station and found two polish guys bring me in their car to go in an other station, 50km from here, near the next airport. There, they offer me coffe and sandwich and told me than the truck in front of us was going to Göteborg. They didn't leave the parking I was already on board direct to Göteborg with my new Romanian friend.

He drop me around midnight in the north of the city, next to a 24h Mac Donald where I could tell my mother I was still in live and having a coffe. I found a field and put my tent for the night.

6 o'clock, back to the Mac Donald, making my plans for the day : Visiting the Maritim Museum, going to Hara corner, going to the swimming pool, finishing in a bar with a free buffet meeting locals.


A wonderful day with a lot of sun. I met a friendly guy in the bar who offers me his coach for the night, close to the train station where I had to start the next morning to join the last Ikea in the south to start my next hitchhiking day. A Ikea in Sweden, obvious !


So, hard to find a lift in this station. 1h of waiting, but I finally find a guy. It have been jumping from gaz station to gaz station, but my last driver was a German man from Hamburg going back home who knew a lot about Copenhague, who drop me at the airport at 14h, told me not to stay there and having fun in the city center.

I left my luggage in a box and start my Copenhague visit. Purpose : to say hello to the mermaid ! A wonderful afternoon in this peaceful city, finish allong the port, meeting a german girl writting her diary like me, exchanging about the north of Europe and journeys around the globe.


Back to the airport, sleeping in Burger king restaurant on a big banket. 6 in the morning the janitor woke me up not by purpose and was so sorry. I laughed with him and he told me his story. He was a singer in the national opera in Pakistan before leaving for a better life here. And now he sweeps the floors in Burger king airport. He saw my guitar and ask me to play for him. I played a french Edith Piaf song and he sang for me one of his pakistan songs. It have been a wonderful moment. One of my best in this journey.

Then, I waited for my plane, putting some news from Norway on the blog, and starting to think about the south, the weather, the people, this other part of Europe, the complete oposite of those 4 first months of my journey.

It have been a great experience, I learned so much from the others, just by trusted people and having time. No stress, no wishes, no willpower and a complete new world in front of my eyes.

In the Plane, leaving Copenhague, I can see the last bridge I crossed to go from Sweden to Denmark

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